When the anterior cruciate ligament is torn, the discussion of which graft should be selected is a interesting topic.

Grafts are tendons which are classified as autografts taken from your body and allografts harvested from a cadaver or a dead person.

Autografts were taken from your body which do not compromise the knees function. The graft selection from your body is the medial hamstrings (semitendinosus-gracilis), central third patellar tendon (bone tendon bone), and central third quadriceps tendon.

Allografts are harvested from cadaver or a dead person include posterior tibialis, anterior tibialis, tendo Achilles, central third patellar tendon, semitendinosus, and gracilis.

Allografts since they are dead tissue and of different protein composition heal slower, can be rejected by your body, are significantly weaker than autografts since besides being dead but also due to their preparation procedures for maintaining sterility and storage, and transmission of diseases such as infection, AIDS, and hepatitis.